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Psychic Moon Bath

This spell is best Preformed during either the New Moon or Full Moon

This Herbal bath will help bring out or enhance ones psychic abilities, while working with and utilizing the energizes of the Moon.

Materials Needed

1 cup Sea Salt
¼th cup Mugwort
¼th cup Bay leaves
¼th cup Lavender
¼th cup Yarrow
Once you assemble all Your ingredients, Mix them together . While Feeling their energizes, pouring your power into them and visualizing your magickal goal blend the herbs with your fingers. once mixed Either set them aside in a bowl or Pour into a Sachet ( adding them to a sachet makes clean up faster)
Next run a hot bath, and add the herbal mixture and let seep for a few minutes before entering.
Now enter the bath and just soak focus on your goal and intent for this bath. Stay in the water until you feel ready or the bath water becomes cold.
Mugwort should Never Be handled during pregnancy or if you are trying to become pregnant 

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