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Rejuvenation Tonic


St. John’s Wort Leaves And Blossoms
90 Proof Alcohol

Gather the fresh shoots of St. John’s Wort between the summer solstice and St. John’s Day (June 21 and June 24) at sunrise. Remove the blossoms and leaves and place them in a dark glass container that can be sealed tightly.

Cover with 90 proof alcohol.

Steep for one moon cycle (28 days) in a dark place.

Shake every third day.

After one moon, strain the contents through a gauze cloth and fill dark dropper bottles.

Close lid tightly.

Take 10 to 20 drops daily.

St. John’s Wort herb flows through the whole body, making it receptive to cosmic energies. After taking the tonic, do not expose yourself to intense sunlight.

Take soul-refreshing tonic for fear, emotional pain, melancholy, depression and for calming nerves.

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