In most systems of magical working you will
find mentioned the four (or sometimes five)
Elements, often in conjunction with their
directions or, as they are known in magic,
quarters of the universe or cardinal points.
Together and separately they are extremely
powerful sources of energy and can give a
tremendous boost to your spell making. Each
Element also comes under the protection of one
of the Archangels (see pages 249-251).
The four Elements are energies, and
manifestations of energy, that make up the
entire universe. They also influence our
personalities and therefore what we do. Magical
working calls to each elemental kingdom and its
ruler to protect each cardinal point and its
properties. Each Element has an intrinsic power
and is known for having certain qualities,
natures, moods and magical purposes. Each
also has positive and negative traits.
Earth, Air, Fire and Water are the four
Elements and you may well find that you work
best using one of them in particular. People
drawn to candle magic, for instance, are using
mainly the Element of Fire, while those who
work with incense are using Air with a fair
smattering of Earth in the herbs and resins.
The fifth Element is that of spirit, which is the
‘binding principle’ behind everything.
Sometimes known as aether, it is, on the whole,
intangible, yet is that which makes everything
happen. You are both its representative and its
channel, so in using the other Elements in
magical working you have a responsibility to
act wisely and well.

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