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What is A Psychic Attack?

A spiritual or psychic attack is when someone intentionally sends negative energy your way.

All that’s really required is for someone to think negative thoughts or wish you ill for that energy to affect you – it’s the force and intent behind that energy that determines how powerful it is.

People who unknowingly send psychic attacks usually don’t know how to process their emotions whenever they feel hurt by someone, so they wish a world of hurt on that person in return and don’t always mean it.

This isn’t to say that psychic attacks can’t be willingly sent – they certainly can, and people that are spiritually experienced can wield them easily.

Curses and psychic attacks are common in cultures where black magic is practiced.

Not every bad event is the result of a psychic attack – it could also be a simple coincidence or the result of a path you’ve chosen.

Knowing the difference will go a long way in protecting yourself, so it’s important to learn how to identify an actual spiritual attack.

The key difference is in the frequency of these bad events – how often they occur and the time between them.

A streak of mishaps and negative feelings popping up out of the blue, one after another, without an obvious idea of the cause is likely a psychic attack.

Psychic attacks are real, but you can limit their effects or avoid them entirely.

Remember, such attacks are energy-based, and a great way to prevent them is by filling and surrounding yourself with love and positive energy.

That way, you’re not only protecting yourself from spiritual attacks, but you’re also protecting others from any attacks you might subconsciously send.

How to Protect Yourself From Psychic Attacks Now that you know how to identify a psychic attack, you’ve already taken the first step towards protecting yourself.

You can protect yourself from spiritual attacks yourself.

Try to get in tune with the spiritual realm through meditation and prayers – anything to affirm your strength and self-defense mechanisms.

Crystals, gemstones, and oils can also help cleanse your aura and space, ensuring you’re surrounded by positive energy.

And because most psychic attacks are sent unconsciously, you can approach your attacker to make peace.

Remember that most attackers have a difficult time processing their emotions, so all that may be needed is to help them get closure, or in some cases make amends – even if you’re not really in the wrong.

But if a psychic attack is intentional, or from someone who insists on holding on to their negative thoughts, then stay far away from that person.

In such a case, your best bet would be to consult your angels and spirit guides to protect you and fight for you.

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