Resurrection Spells

The resurrection spell is by far the hardest and most complex spell there is and possibly will ever be, and as far as I am aware nobody has actually made this spell work in its entirety.

These spells can suppose ably bring back a dead person or an animal back to life, however the resurrection spell will not bring back the dead as you knew them but will bring back the spirit of the dead back to the living, think of it as putting an old engine into a different car, but like any spell there will be serious side effects if the spell is incomplete or is wrongly executed and not to forget the heavy cost to the spell caster. Balance!

If you are ever tempted to work this spell you have to truly understand both the moral and legal aspects as this type of spell casting is the absolute taboo. So before you ask can anyone do this spell? No, you must already be experienced in necromancy, summoning, possession and life sacrifice; this means that you will need to take a life in order to bring back a life.

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