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Candle Flame Love Divination

You will need the following items for this spell:

candle of any colour
Light the candle and meditate. once you feel ready, open your eyes and study the flame:

a rising flame means you burn in someones heart
long and narrow is a new love
flickering from side to side is a long journey in love
a really bright flame denotes someone will brighten your life with a happy surprise
a luminous glowing tip means someone is in love with you, or thinks of you in a loving manner
sparks from the candle is trouble in a match
falling flames foretells someone has mix feelings
sputtering flames foretells your love won’t run smoothly
if the flame burns out before the candle is gone warns the end of a bond. Not necessarily with the one you love, but it is warning you of a shocking discovery from someone you trust. 

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