Black in Magick

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The color black is classy, mysterious, sophisticated, seductive, and secretive. It’s protective, absorbing negative energies and creating a barrier from emotional stressors of the outside world. It provides comfort, protecting our emotions by helping us to hide our vulnerabilities, insecurities, and lack of self-confidence from the outside world.

When looking at color psychology, black encourages introspection and self-examination; it also defines an end to which new beginnings follow. It symbolizes money, authority and encourages assertiveness, confidence, & independence. Black is also about harmony, hearing, and listening. It’s the go to color for magicks pertaining to binding or banishing.

In feng shui tradition, black represents water and career; for this purpose, it is best used in the north rooms of your home or office. It adds strength, definition and a grounding effect to a space. Plus it adds a nice contrast for other colors.

Black crystals symbolize self-control, resilience and create invisibility. They help protect against negative energy and promote peacefulness. These would include obsidian, hematite, black tourmaline, jet, onyx, black pearls, lava, and moonstone