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Unwinding Universal Messages – Angel Numbers

Angel numbers are messages that the universe sends us in times of need. Humans are living in 3D lives. Three directions we are typically aware of in our reality are past, present and future. However, this limitation exists in our mind and physical reality, this vast universe has infinite possibilities and realities. Due to our ignorance of the other universes and realities divine has various ways to send us guidance in this reality. Many times despite receiving the guidance we have a hard time interpreting and implementing in our lives.

Divine and angels reach us through various mediums. This is the very reason the numerical digits or mathematical expressions came into play since numbers are within the human mind awareness and this is frequently encountered in our daily lives in various forms. Divine and angels choose to send us a particular frequency and repetitions to emphasise a particular situation that is boggling our minds. Have you been experiencing repeated numbers and particular digits in your daily lives? Then this is for you, in fact, this particular write-up was guidance from the universe. Here is an interpretation of various numbers to help you understand what the angel numbers could mean…

111 – When you see 111 continuously, angels and divine are trying to make you aware of your spiritual awakening, you might be starting or reaching a new height in that line. You are being sent a message that you will attract what matches your vibration. You are being reminded of starting to think of leaving the past where it was and attract thoughts that are in your best interest. Be Aware!

222 – Are you looking for balance in your life? Pay attention to your thoughts! Divine is asking you to choose your words carefully since they become your manifestations. Life is a long journey and things will fall into its perfect place when you align with the highest vibration of gratitude. Harmonize with yourself and others. Ask and you shall receive is the message you are being sent. Write, say and pray your desires & worries, allow the universe to send you what you are ready for.

Unwinding Universal Messages – Angel Numbers for You
333 – Numerous ascended masters chose to help and guide humankind eternally. Actively being a part of this universe their guidance reaches us in many forms. Blessed by Ascended masters 333 asks you to make a decision. Be real to yourself! What do you want? Once you have the answer only then you will make the required changes and take actions to accelerate your manifestations. Have a plan!

444 – Acknowledge that your guardian angel is trying to reach out to you. You are protected at all times all you have to do is request them to be around and guide you at all times. 444 reminds you of the good choice you have made, the right direction or action you are being guided towards intuitively. Follow your intuition with a mindset of gratitude. There is a higher force guiding you and protecting you at all times.

555 – Are you suffering inside due to a situation or condition of the past? 555 will show up to remind you that your past has been haunting you for no good. Turn to a direction that has been aligned to you for your highest good. If a major shift is being made in your navigation this is the numerical series that will show up. Stay positive no matter what, it’s a phase that you are going through and will alter depending on your thought process. Your thoughts are being manifested. Think of the best for yourself and others.

666 – Do you stress out easily or imagine the worst outcome of a situation? Reassess your situation and deeply analyze a situation that disturbed you but realize that how that decision or situation has transformed you. You are a stronger person because of that phase of your life. No matter how much you hate it, it was meant to be a soul lesson for you, you have already reached new heights of possibilities because of that. Dream big for future manifestations and do not settle for old. Let Go!

777 – Have the confidence to receive what you deserve. Focus on your karma and watch things and situations transform for your highest good. Loved ones in heaven might be sending you messages. Try to take it easy on yourself and others. Do not hold onto things that do not serve you. You have the strength and wisdom you require to move on. Do grounding by walking on earth with bare feet, find your balance from within.

888 – Abundance is being welcomed by your soul. Stay aware of the opportunities surrounding you, take a leap of faith. Ask you, guardian angels, to hold your hand and help you walk in the direction set for you. Never forget you are a drop of the universal river that flows in this physical reality at all times whether you know or not. New successes and relationships are awaiting you. Abundance is your new best friend. Are you aligned?

999 – The infinite force of forgiveness will change your course of life. Move beyond your existing vibration. Release past and move. Give away what you desire most, so it comes back multiplied. Be kind and gentle towards self and others. The road to hope is within your reach by selflessly serving other beings. Angels have been guiding you so far and will lead you further to help you reach new heights of being human.

000 – 0 itself signifies completion and all that starts will end. Nothing is forever. Do not connect with outcomes, give your best effort to opportunities and relationships around you. You might see this when something for you is coming to a completion. What is it? If you have been hesitant of letting go or starting something new, here is the answer your angels have for you. No need to hold yourself back. Horizons of guidance have already been opened to you! Are you aligning your thoughts and actions to support your blessings? It’s about time now you create your own destiny.

Divine is not limited to a series of a particular number. The universe is eternal and ever-changing, there are many messages that you will receive from your angels. The idea is to let go of your ego, hurtful past & welcome new beginnings and monetary opportunities with open arms. When you are afraid of something you align with lower vibrational thoughts. Keep your vibes high by thinking the best of yourself and others, be of service to someone in need. Give away gently so even better things can cover that void in your soul. I wish you luck and love today and always. 

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