Shining Spirituality

Things ARE working for you right now. What’s in your heart, mind, and spirit must manifest. The timing of it is perfect as it is. Don’t judge yourself when you don’t see instant results. Don’t compare your results to others. Your inner world is so unique to you. Be consistent right now. Keep the visualizations going. Keep the affirmations going. Keep being positive about everything. Every moment counts. Don’t judge yourself or even judge the timing of everything. Enter a state of gratitude, celebration, and completion of your manifestations. Everything is already yours. What you think about belongs to you. What you feel is making its way towards you. What you want wants you. What you give your energy to grows and amplifies in your awareness. Stay focused on purpose. Let what goes, go. Let what comes, enter. Just keep speaking, thinking, and feeling power over your life. Nothing is complicated when you learn to just breathe, believe, and trust that everything is already happening for you. You just need to keep shinning from within and being patient with yourself. Be loving to yourself. You are very special and you being here right now shows that your life means so much more than what you can understand sometimes. Start noticing the beauty about existence. The small things like your aliveness and your energy. Your mind. Your abilities. The billion things happening every second for you that doesn’t require your conscious attention. You are being supported so feel light today. Feel warmth and love. Feel energized to be your greatest through recognizing it and allowing it now. Keep going.

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