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Sigil Stones: How to Make & Use Them

How to make and use sigil stones for magical intentions and spell craft.

Feeling witchy crafty? Create some sigil stones for your altar or upcoming ritual.

You don’t need to be Picasso to make a little fine art out of sacred symbolism.

All it takes is a little imagination, some smooth river stones and a Sharpie.

Make a sigil stone for your next altar or spell.

Sigil stones are an easy witchy craft for a peaceful rainy day or lazy weekend.

What are sigils?

Generally, a sigil is a unique symbol, designed by you, to represent a magical intention for spell work.

Practitioners carve sigils into every imaginable surface, from candles to clay to ritual cookies.

In this project, we take a more permanent approach by drawing or painting a symbol on a stone surface. This works well for more long-term spell intentions.

For example, if want to grow your career prospects, a success sigil on the altar solidifies your long-term goals.

Or, make a sigil stone to place on your home altar to symbolize peace, prosperity and domestic harmony.

Choosing and Using Stones for Sigils

For these sigil stones, I stuck to simple river stones found near a creek by my house.

But even this part is really customizable. Consider choosing a stone with a metaphysical meaning specific to your spell intention.

Generally, smooth, unpolished stones work best.

Before I apply a sigil to a stone, I like to spend a few minutes considering the shape, surface and texture. Ideally, you want the symbol to compliment the “personality” of the stone.

For example, consider an elongated design for a longer stone.

How to make and use sigil stones for magical intentions and spell craft.

How to design a sigil.

If you draw well, I encourage you to simply use your fine art skills intuitively. Try a freeform, stream-of-consciousness approach. Or, be very intentional, working and rearranging lines until they convey the meaning in a way that feels relevant to you.

However, if drawing stick figures challenges your dexterity, or blank canvases make you feel like a deer frozen in headlights, try a more structured method.

Mumbles & Things describes a simple process for creating sigils using keywords that’s easy and accessible for almost anyone.

Or, try this:

Step 1

Choose a word or small group of words that symbolizes your spell intention. For example:



-Stop Gossip

Step 2

Brainstorm shapes and symbols that represent your spell word. For example, a dollar sign represents success to many people. A heart often symbolizes love.

But choose whatever imparts meaning for you.

Perhaps something from numerology feels more appropriate.

There’s really no way to get this wrong, but simpler lines and symbols are easier to work with.

Step 3

Now,choose a shape or symbol that represents you personally,

For example, your astrological sign symbol, or a symbol from your personal heritage, like the Celtic knot or the Om symbol.

Step 4

I recommend drawing a rough draft on scratch paper before drawing directly on the stone.

Layer one symbol over the other.

In this stone for self-love, I layered the symbol for a Scorpio sun sign over an inverted, stylized 9, which is the symbol of universal love in numerology. The spiral represents the inward journey of a spiritual life.

Sigil stone with astrological symbol for Scorpio and an inverted #9.

Experiment. Play around. Add or remove lines as needed. Simplify it, or embellish it.

Rotate them in different combinations until you find something that looks pleasing and feels balanced.

Once you come up with something you like, draw it on the stone with a fine-tipped marker or paint brush.

Charging and Using Sigil Stones

Use any method you like to charge sigil stones.

I like to leave mine in the full sunlight or pass them through sage smoke.

But simply closing your eyes and imparting your energy and intention on them in a purposeful way also does the trick.

After charging, try any of the following ideas:

-Leave them on the altar as a standing symbol of your magical intentions.

-Hide them in your goddess garden to enchant your property.

-Include them in a spell basket with a complimentary theme and gift them to a like-minded friend.

-Place them near the entryways of your home to bless those who cross your threshold.

-Make them with your kids and encourage them to place them around their rooms for a feeling of safety and love.

Or, come up with your own ideas, and tell us in the comments!

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