Spell for a Medicine Boost

This spell is designed to help charge your medication to make it work better. You are just giving your meds a magical boost. Always take all meds as prescribed. If you need a higher dose, this spell will not strengthen it to that degree. You will need to get prescribed a higher dose. This spell just gives it a little extra push for the day —


Your medication
Rosemary or juniper incense (optional)
Square of purple cloth
Anointing oil (optional)
White candle

Anoint your candle (optional) and light it. Light the incense if you have any and sit quietly surrounded by its smoke, imagining you are well. Really concentrate on how it feels to be well, to be able to move, to be pain free (if it is physical pain, imagine your body pain free. If it is a mental thing (depression, anxiety, etc) imagine yourself being happy).
Imagine taking your medication and feeling its effects. Hold the medication in your hands and visualise the energy you have been creating flowing from you into the medication.
When you feel it is sufficiently charged, put it on the purple cloth and leave it there until the candle and the incense have burned out.
Next time you take your medication, visualise the link you have created with it. You can imagine it working for extra power. Example: if you are taking it for a headache, imagine the meds releasing light or something into the hurting area and healing it. If it is for depression, imagine a light going into your brain, so the meds can get done whatever they need to do in there, etc.
Always take your medication EXACTLY as it has been prescribed for you.

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