Energy Magick / Planetary Magick

The Energy of Mars

The energy of Mars lends us the strength to take action; it’s not a gentle energy but bold. If you need a change or have obstacles to overcome, call on Mars to lend you the strength and courage to make those changes and break down stumbling blocks that impede forward progression. Mars guides us to approach issues with our heads more than our hearts. It gives rise to our warrior spirit … not to do harm in anyway but to boost our exuberance to work hard to successfully achieve our goals.

Put on your boldest colors, speak your mind and get noticed. Put on some music .. heavy on the bass … and energize yourself by dancing with passion and enthusiasm. Guard yourself against other’s negative vibes by wearing red jasper, increase the potency of your magickal workings by burning dragon’s blood or add some to your charms. Use this bold energy to motivate you to start something you’ve been putting off. Empower yourself for success by cooking with Mars related foods and seasonings such as basil, onions or garlic … add a bit of chili pepper for added fiery energy.

Let this fiery power strengthen your resolve to attain your goals … your magick is powerful, let it rule your day!!!

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