Types of Empaths: Physical empath

Similar to emotional empaths, this kind of empath deals with physical symptoms, as they’re able to “pick up physical symptoms from other people and absorb them in their own bodies,” Orloff says.

“Physical empaths have to be very careful they aren’t being martyrs and taking on other people’s pain.”

Not only can physical empaths often feel symptoms themselves, but they may also be able to see where someone is experiencing a symptom.

A breathing exercise for physical empaths.

Orloff recommends physical empaths breathe symptoms out as soon as they notice them, to recirculate that energy out of the body.

“If you suddenly get a backache when you are next to a friend,” she says, for example, “relax, take a few deep breaths, and breathe the symptom out of the spaces in your spine.

Keep breathing it out until it is gone.”

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