Stop the Gossip Spell

For this spell to help stop gossip or rumors, you’ll need one overripe apple and one sage leaf. Follow the instructions in the following verse. If possible, perform this spell on a windy autumn day.

On an autumn day when
the woods are dying
And the wild geese are flying,
Take an apple soft with age,
Rub it well with a silvery leaf of sage.
Carry it to a place where the
grasses once stood tall,
But now are covered with
the russet leaves of fall.
Announce the lie on the autumn
wind with all your fury,
Then press the apple into the
earth, there let it be buried.
Turn your back and walk
away with a clear mind,
The lie shall fade and pass
away with time.

The spell is done. One final tip: since sage has purification qualities, bury it with the apple. As they decay together, the gossip will fade.

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