● Ace- strength, power to achieve goals, action: (R) complexity needs caution
● King- authority, will and intellect, implementation of ideas decided; (R) tyranny,
plans halted or methods undecided
● Queen- determination, action taken; (R) impracticality, spitefulness
● Prince (Knight)- heroic, career, action begun; (R) ideas unformed, conceit
● Princess (Knave)- matter resolved, insight; (R) hindrance, cunning
● 10- misfortune, disappointment; (R) improvement through courage
● 9- worry, plans about to be realized; (R) deception, disgrace, doubt
● 8- indecision, actions require care; (R) improved health, fears end
● 7- creative action, frustration, artistic energy; (R) poor advice, postponement of
● 6- success after worries, journey, altruism; (R) hindrance, selfishness
● 5- force applied for good, courage; (R) empty gains, power misused
● 4- orderliness, rest, peace; (R) discretion in renewed activity
● 3- separation, strife; (R) regrets, confusion, need to understand
● 2- balance of opposing forces, harmony; (R) duplicity, wrong choices

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