Hex Magick

The Egg Hex

Supplies needed are as follows:

1)One egg,

(Fresh eggs are the best)

2)Magic marker

3)shovel or digging tool

4)black candle


6)matches or lighter

7)cinnamon incense

8)pepperment oil, or olive

9)angel trumpet pedals

(Beware, angel trumpets are poison) *Handle with care!

If you don’t have angel trumpets Mistletoe will work, hemlock works, point settas, or even poison Ivy..

*****All those are poison plants and should be handled with care*****

10)handful of nails, thumb tacks, needles, rusty iron that’s sharp..

(Basically anything with a point or sharp edge works)!

11)container of broken glass.

I say about a bowl full is good.


13)bottle of urine or spoiled milk

14)candle holder

A) Take all these items to outside to whichever spot you are drawn too. I always target trees and creeks for this purpose. Seems to have powerful energy associated there.

B)Light your sage and go in a clockwise direction creating sacred space. Use your own chant.

C) Dig a hole about 8-10 inches deep.

D)Light the cinnamon incense for protection. Sick it in the ground beside your working area.

E)Carve a pentagram into the black candle with your thumbnail. Now hold your thumb over the pentagram,close your eyes and visualize a zap of pure white energy going into the candle. You should feel a small zap or tingle. This let’s you know the candle is blessed.

F)Anoint the candle with peperment oil or olive oil.

G)Now carve the persons name into the candle with a rusty nail or pin. Visualize the grime of gain green,and Screeching nails across a chalk board.

(Your candle is empowered)

H)Light your candle and place in a candle holder.

I) place all your nails, thumb tacks, rusty sharp iron or tin, pins..

(Make sure its at least 4-5 inches deep)

J)now take you egg and get your marker out. This actually represents the Host.

Write their name on the egg, along with any other symbols like the Eye of Horus.

Hold the egg in your left hand, (since that is your receiving hand)

And close your eyes. Visualize black,dark energy from your black candle going into the egg. See all that hurt, and pain that this person caused you. Know that this is going to jinx anything good in their life and they will always suffer from bad luck,and chronic pain in their future. See them actually going into the egg and getting trapped as they will be born again into a world of pain and hate.

K)now place the egg in your right hand and and chant the following :

*You caused me pain


Persons name!

And I think its funny, cause now I will do just the same.

You thought it was cool and you had lots of fun,but guess what, now your Hexed you stupid Fool.

As this egg rots over these nails, may your soul be forever black within your own Hell.

From the power of within and the nature spirits all around, you will now and forever be looked upon as clown.

As I will it,

(So Mote It Be)!

L)Now with your right hand smash the egg into the nails and sharp items breaking it into to pool of torture.

M)Now place the poison items you brought

(Angel trumpets,Hemplock,poison Ivy, etc)

In the hole on top.

Pour the spoiled milk, or urine on top.

N)Cover the hole with dirt, wave your wand over the hole and visualize sending all that black rotten energy to the Earth plane with a snap of your wrist..

*Let the candle burn all the way out. Do not leave a burning candle unattended.

*clean up all your supplies

*Every so often you can return to the spot and pour urine or spoiled milk over the spot.

*Leave the nature gods a offering of honey and honey sickles…

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