Luciferian Magick

the intent of the Left Hand Path

What is often misunderstood is the intent of the Left Hand Path. Many view the LHP as one in line with Christian Satanism or Diabolism, which is an inaccurate view of the path itself. The LHP is the freedom from such restrictive thoughts as Good or Evil, or the moral right of the day. The individual must seek to transcend both, and that the image of Evil or Darkness, is the Opposition essence of our selves, our secret essence or Holy Guardian Angel/Evil Genius of being.

The Black Flame itself is the concept of the Gift of Seth, of Lucifer. The Black Flame is the awakened consciousness or Psyche of the individual, whom has torn down the Right Hand Path concept of Trust and Dissolution in a Tyrant Father who demands faith. The Black Flame is the immortal essence of the self, the True Will as which emerged from the fountains of the wells of darkness. The Black Flame is the Light which Brings the Watchers close to us, that we may drink of their cups of ecstasies, the skulls and the secrets they contain therein.

The Black Flame itself is illuminated through the work of the Left Hand Path, through the development of ones own self-divinity, through our Famulus and Servitors, the Guardians and Angels of our Temple, the Arcana of Self as revealed in essence. Each individual is a model of Lucifer, whom is the imagination, or self. That we must shadow forth the Adversary to rebel against the natural order, to awaken the Black Flame of Self-Knowledge. We are thus Iblis, the Children of the Fire Djinn whom shall taste from the skulls of the sleeping.

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