Fire Magick

The Path of the Fire Witch

The path of the Fire Witch is not for the faint of heart. Strong and courageous, these Witches rarely take no for an answer. The Fire Witches are considered to be the rebels of the Elemental Witches. They possess a joy of life that is unequaled. They are extremely sociable creatures.
The Fire Witches are all about individuality. Each one is unique. For the most part, their lives are beautiful and poetic, yet there lurks an underlying current of tragedy. There is no typical personal style to the Fire Witch; it varies, as does each flame. The one thing you can be sure of is that she will shine. In blue jeans or diamonds, you know a Fire Witch by the confident aura that surrounds her.
The Fire Witch’s decorating style runs the gamut from sleek, modern, and sophisticated to all-out opulence and luxury. She has a flair for decorating, often incorporating candles and designer lighting to add a more dramatic touch. Frequently, Fire Witches love antiques and metal objects. Their house often feature warm, rich colours and dark woods.
The Fire Witch’s house is usually very neat and clean. She will spend whatever time is necessary to keep it that way. She will also destroy that cleanliness in an instant, when she is angered enough, by having a complete and total hissy fit, although that is rare. While the Fire Witch can be hotheaded and temperamental, her iron will usually allows her to maintain control.
The Fire Witch loves to dance and is very seductive, passionate, and lusty. She can be indulgent when it comes to her sexual nature. She often is very active and usually love to participate in sporting events. She is bold and daring and frequently pushes things to the absolute limit.
Because of her indulgent habits, the Fire Witch may unknowingly enable addictions or foster one of her own. Some Fire Witches may have addictive personalities. When a Fire Witch loves someone, she does so with a heart so pure that she can overlook any defects in the person for a long time.
This can place her in troublesome relationships until she has finally had enough and moves on. When a Fire Witch moves on, she has a compulsion to completely destroy the previous bond and is capable of being cruel in order to see to it that the situation is over for good. She is much more comfortable knowing that it cannot be repaired and can move herself forward more easily by not allowing herself to wonder about the past.
Philosophically, the Fire Witch has an open mind. She is the proverbial free thinker. Because of the placement of her element(both above and below the Earth), the Fire Witch has the ability to see all sides of any argument. She values honesty and courage above all else. There is nothing she detests as much as a liar. Fire Witches are usually quick-witted, think-on-their-feet types of folks. Their is a reason that smart people are called “bright.”
The fire brings the light, and with light there follows shadow. The Fire Witch is complex, passionate, and tumultuous. She is sizzling hot stuff. She has both a light and a dark side, and the two sides work together constantly.
The light side of the Fire Witch keeps her personal practices of spirit informal and fun. But when it come time for magickal work, the shadow side often takes over. The dark side of the Fire Witch holds a vast knowledge of the more complex magickal applications. Magickal equations and ceremonial practices are second nature to the Fire Witch. She may prefer the drama of a high magick ritual and a more ordered structure to things. However, she often utilizes a simpler style of Witchcraft, too. It depends on the situation.
Magically, the Fire Witch specializes in bonding with divinity, regeneration, energy, truth, manifesting, sex magick, banishing, purification, destruction, negative magick and defensive magick.
Fire has been used to honour the God since its inception. Many shrines and altars are guarded by an eternal flame. the Fire Witch understands that her every movement is an honour to divine forces.
She is very generous with her time and money when it comes to charity. She always seeks to help and improve the world around her in this manner.
Fire is a creative element, especially when seen in its regenerative aspect. In the same manner that the phoenix rises from the ashes or the sun undergoes an eclipse, a Fire Witch puts herself through a constant process of growth by tearing herself down in order to build herself anew. It can be an agonizing process, but she emerges renewed and stronger than ever. She will often disappear from the world for a few day at a time due to this process. She can be instrumental in helping others move beyond their own heartbreaks and pains and begin their lives again.

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