Crystals & Stones

The Subtle Energies of Crystals

Crystals have their own inherent energy, which
means that it is very simple to use them as
protective or energizing objects. This in ancient
times would have made them amulets (see the
Antler Charm spell on page 12). However, if
you are going to use stones and crystals
magically, you have to use some kind of
technique to ‘wake them up’ so that you can use
their more subtle energies successfully. It could
be said they need to be reminded of their power.
There are many ways of awakening –
reactivating – crystals, perhaps sounding prayer
or other bells or wind chimes near to the crystal.
This aligns the energy of the crystal structure so
it can be efficiently directed.
The Breastplate of Judgement spoken of in
the Bible uses this principle of subtle energies.
It was said to have four rows of three gems set
in gold. Different versions are given in different
bibles. The New International Version, for
instance, states that the gems are ruby, topaz,
beryl, turquoise, sapphire, emerald, jacinth,
agate, amethyst, chrysolite, onyx and jasper.
Initially, the gems were said to represent the
twelve tribes of Israel but they now signify
various aspects of personality and may be worn
to enhance your magic.

Many precious and semi-precious stones were
used by the ancient Egyptians in their magicmaking. The best known were amethyst (for its
spiritual qualities) carnelian (which
symbolized energy, dynamism and power) and
the most highly prized of Egyptian semiprecious stones, lapis lazuli, representing the
all-embracing night sky. The red and green
forms of jasper were thought to give very
positive energies, while sard – a reddish-brown
version of chalcedony (silicon dioxide) – was
used to fashion scarab amulets. Feldspar was
another stone considered to be extremely
precious and was used in jewellery connected
with fertility. Serpentine, dark green (almost
black) and easily carved, was used to fashion
heart amulets. Turquoise was also used
symbolically to denote vegetation and new life.
The body is an extremely sensitive
instrument and in some senses the magical
practitioner uses it as simply another tool in
their workings. Traditionally, the main nerve
ganglions (groups of nerve fibres) in the
physical body have their counterpart within the
more subtle energy field, which is our spiritual
self. When working magically you have a
responsibility to keep your aura (subtle body)
as clear and as healthy as possible. One of the
ways in which you can do this is to use crystals
to help with that internal balance. When you
know you are under pressure or are going to be
doing a particular type of spell, it is very easy to
pop a particular crystal into your charm or
amulet bag in order to enhance the energy.
You can see that sacred spaces and other
places where you choose to work magically can
be enhanced in many ways. Crystals are only
one way of doing so, and using herbs, once you
know enough about them, is another.
Remember the principle that using both will
enhance the power four-fold.

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