Love Magick

Tips for successful romantic magick:

*Timing. Friday coinciding with a New Moon is considered the most auspicious time to perform love spells.

*Colours for Love Magick: Pink, Red, Orange and Yellow

*Numbers: 2 is the standard number.

5 if you would like to invoke powers of Oshun, Orisha of Love.

6 if you would like to invoke power of Aphrodite, Lady of Love.

8 is also number of infinity and eternity. And if you want to invoke powers of Inanna, Queen of Heaven.

*Bathe your hands with rose water prior to mixing up any love potions and powders to intensify their effects.

*If you noticed that your love spells not working, place strand of your target’s hair under continuously dripping faucet to magickally wear away resistance.

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