Ways to develop your clairvoyance

Do lots of meditation
Raise your vibrations and energies
Record your observations
Practice your visualization. Visualize with flowers, numbers, and symbols.
Imagine your third eye opening during meditation.
Keep a dream journal. Record and analize their meaning.
.Crystals for clairvoyants

Lapis lazuli – Opens your third eye. Induces dreams and insights.
Clear quartz crystals – Opens your third eye. A powerful stone for visions and clairvoyance.
Amethyst – Helps with psychic development. Encourages deep meditation and higher states of awareness. It also helps with mental control and focus, opening your intuition, and gaining spiritual insight and wisdom.
Azeztulite – Enhances clairvoyance and bring forth visions from past and future. Enhances third eye activation, precognition, and higher dimensional consciousness.
Azurite – Activates the third eye. Strengthens intuition and insight.
Emerald – Opens up clairvoyant abilities.
Moonstone – Opens intuition.
Sodalite – Deepens meditation and stimulates the third eye.
Herbs for clairvoyants

Anise – Great for any type of clairvoyance, divination, or any psychic developments.
Bay – Burned to induce visions. Put its leaves under your pillow for inspiration and prophetic dreams.
Cedar – Opens the psychic channels while protecting the operator.
Cinnamon – Aids in improving your psychic abilities.
Lemongrass – Used to aid psychic powers.
Lilac – Good for inducing “far memory” and recalling past lives. Also good for Clairvoyance in general.
Mugwort – For clairvoyance, summoning spirits, manifestations and dreams.
Poppy Seeds – For dreams, visions, and clairvoyance.
Rosemary – Used in pillows for dreams and visions.
Sandal wood – Stimulates clairvoyance.

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