Paganism Explained

What We Are Drawn to

We do not control that which we are drawn to. Nor does it control us. Witchcraft is a symbiotic relationship between Witch and World, Living and Dead, Universe and Spirit. Growing on one another, feeding off Dreams of Ancestor and dying in the Shadows. Voices always carry where eyes cannot follow, and there you are in Echo… facing Self again, blind to your own words and yet recognising the cadence with which they fall.
Together, alone, alone together, Witchcraft is not for the doubters who will never understand the connection between All.
Raven, alone, will remember the faces of those who fed him, but Raven, in his Unkindness, will use the group’s collective memories to find that person and leave gifts of tools they made.
So the Witch, alone, will remember those who wished them harm, but Witch, in Symbiosis with Raven, will use language and techniques to find and follow, to send an arrow in the Darkness of Nightmares…
Echo waits, hissing quietly, gently swaying off walls and returning, ripples pushing Air this way and that, all words hidden for now.
Spells, incantations, whether made in the throat of human or Corvid carry on those same ripples until they find the shape that fits the Intent, nestling, aligning.
Speak only of those things you wish to change in this place, lest a misunderstanding leads to loss.
Everything around us is touched when we Craft. We change the Energy within Self, and those around us who aid us respond in kind, which strengthens the Magic, and bonds us all. Symbiosis.
Magic can be found long before we even open our mouths, in the cup of a moss bloom, and the hairs on a venus flytrap. Tiny symbols scratched in Lichen catch our eye for seconds, but we forget as soon as we register, such is the strength of the Fae Charms.
Magic is in the cycles of the Moon, and Her tides that define our coasts, and Magic is in the life cycle of both Butterfly and Wolf. How each responds to the world of Shadows and Light is a Dance we have seen ourselves do, and Bear counting the ripples on water tells Moon how close Salmon lies. Everything is Spiral, and everything is vibrating.
When something DOES go wrong, retrace your steps, because you will find that moment when you looked away, that second when something much deeper in the house shifted and fell. Your Energy changed, and with it, the Intent in your words…..
YET, Magic is also those spontaneous moments when you see Thrush with her head buried deeply in her baby’s throat, transferring food in a complicated refueling process. Those words you speak in that moment is the proof of your symbiotic relationship with Life, and the fledgling hears you, his tiny heartbeat strengthened by your unintentional Intent.
Remember our relationships are what define us, and how we nurture them is how fast we grow.
Remember, our Magic affects Spiral, and how we are seen within. Whether Dark or Light is inconsequential, as only our honesty is recorded.
Fight for your place within your life or be pushed out by those who smother you with their own ideas of what Magic is, or was, and how you must respect them.
Walk with Raven, but fly within Self.

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