Witchcraft & Self Analysis

The biological animal and the soul that infuses it has an innate ability to handle its own life and transcend both the internal and the external problems that arise through merely being alive (in this time, within certain conditions).

I will begin this section by throwing into the ring a particular word that is crucial in the category of detriment: conditioning.

The majority of dysfunctions that arise and entrench themselves in our lives are caused because of preconditioned expectations and assumptions.”

Have a good honest look at your life as it is right now: the people, things, and events around you, the way they affect you, how you react or respond to them, what you think about when thinking about the individuals who are close and not so close to you, and about those who pepper your life.

How much time do you spend dwelling on past events?

How much time is spent speculating on the future?


Hours of time!

People relinquish ownership of their lives to others so quickly (especially where love is concerned) that the responsibility for what happens to us relative to knowing those people automatically falls on them as if we had no control.

Take, for example, the commonly used expressions,

“Look what you are doing to me!”


“It’s all your fault!”


When did it transpire that another ordinary person was given the power over your life to such a degree?

Whatever happened to freedom of choice?

Everyone has the power to change their living arrangements if they are threatened or disempowered by what is happening to them.

To lay the blame of one’s own inadequacy of responsibility on someone else and expect them to comply is to deny both you and them the right to a mind, a spirit, and the pleasure of living.

For a witch, it is unacceptable!

An occultist cannot afford to place the  control of his or her life in the hands of anyone or anything else,

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