Witches Salt

Salt rituals are among the oldest forms of magick and salt can form the focus of magick for health and
prosperity ceremonies as well as for psychic protection.

The kind used is most usually sea salt and represents the Earth element.

It should be kept covered and separate from domestic salt and it must be empowered before use.

The salt should be placed on the altar to the left of your Earth ritual tools, in a small ceramic dish with
a silver spoon.

Use new salt for each ritual and tip any remaining into flowing water, watching it carrying away your wishes to fruition.

A very simple crescent moon ritual for attracting money involves piling magically charged salt in a
central cone, surrounding this with coins and filling them all with power.

Then take the empowered coins and leave them in an open jar in the moonlight until the full moon.

On the day after the full moon, spend them on giving happiness to others.

After the ritual, dissolve the salt in sacred water and tip it into a flowing source of water to get the
money energies moving.

In a formal ritual for the same purpose, focus the energies by casting a formal circle, inviting the
guardians of the elements to lend their power to the endeavor.

Pass the elemental tools, incense, candles, and water over the salt and money, thus concentrating the energies.

Dissolve and tip the salt away in a tub of water that has been swirled nine times to get the power flowing as the climax of the ritual.