You are a Witch!

I’m a What?
A witch, you say?
Let me tell you why that’s perfectly okay!
I’m filled with magic from head to toe
But things don’t just happen when I twitch my nose.
What’s that? A warty face and talking toads?
Come now, that misconception is pretty old.
Let me tell you all about the real me …
Then maybe… just maybe you will see.
My book of shadows is merely the pages of my mind.
That magic candle burning bright, that’s the light I carry inside.
My magic potion, simply put, is the love that I share.
My broomstick, how I fly – that’s my dreams drifting through the air.
The cauldron that holds my brew
Well that’s my soul, I thought you knew!
The brew that bubbles deep inside
You see that’s my spirit, I cannot hide.
So call me a witch if that’s what you want to do.
I’ll send you some love, for that’s the kind of magic that I do!

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