This tree was sacred to the Druids. To this day,
some water diviners still use its forked
branches, traditionally called ‘wishing rods’. It
is still considered a crime to cut down a sacred
alder tree and the culprit is considered to be the
cause of any trouble in the community.
The alder is associated with courage and
represents the evolving spirit. It commemorates
Bran, who was a mighty warrior of ancient
Britain. In one battle, Bran fights the Ash King
on behalf of the Alder King. Though he loses the
battle, he is still recognized as a great warrior.
Alder wood is used in dairy vessels and to
make whistles, as the pith is easily pushed out
of the green shoots. Several of these shoots can
be bound together and trimmed to the desired
length for producing various notes – this
whistle can be used to entice Air Elementals.
The old superstition of ‘whistling up the wind’
began with this custom.

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