Amulet Magick

Amulets Descriptions


The ankh symbol stands for, everlasting life and regeneration.

The ankh amulet works best when, made from wood, metal, or faience.

The ankh helps its wearer live life to the fullest degree and is sometimes used for success, as well as for protection.


The cross is the primordial sign for the union of opposites: spirit and matter, positive and negative, male and female, sacred and secular.

The cross is the conjunction of all planes in existence. It is worn for protection.

Eye or Udjat (the Eye of Horus)

Whether facing left or right, the eye is a form of protection and good health.

Because of its association with Ra (the high god of Egypt), the udjat was considered to be a potent amulet that would bring strength, vigor, and soundness to its wearer.


The feather is a symbol of truth, transcendent knowledge, and power.

It represents the wind, the heavens, and the soul’s journey to other realms.

The feather is considered to be a good omen and brings good fortune, and luck in games of skill.

Hecate Wheel

The symbol of the goddess of the crossroads, and emblem of the eternity of Witchcraft.

It can be used for protection or to help invoke the goddess herself.

The symbol is usually imprinted on a small round disk of silver, wood, or ceramic, and is worn on a cord around the neck or carried in a pouch.


The key is considered to be a universal symbol of life, knowledge, initiation, wisdom, and freedom.

The key brings opportunity, offers choice, and signifies new beginnings.

A gold key brings good luck, prosperity, and opportunity, and is good for business.

The silver key helps one retain knowledge, imparts wisdom, and frees the spirit.


The symbol of the spirit in control of the forces of nature or the elements of ordinary life.

This is usually made of silver, gold, pewter or copper, and is worn around the neck for protection from negative vibrations.

(This can be consecrated into a talisman, or just worn as a protective amulet).


This is a replica of the Egyptian dung beetle.

It is usually made from stone or clay.

The beetle (scarabaeus sacer) was the symbol of the sun god Khepera, a self-created and self-sustaining force.

The scarab represents life, regeneration, and renewal—divine providence.

To wear the scarab brings health and strength.

It also provides powerful protection against all harm.


The unicorn is a lunar emblem of chastity, purity, and divine justice.

To own or wear a Unicorn brings security and protection.

The root of the Unicorn is a symbol of love and used to bind the affections of another.


Chinese cosmic symbol.

The yin-yang symbol has become very popular with the New Age movement because it represents the universe and all its possibilities.

It is the embodiment and unification of all opposites—the feminine (yin) and masculine (yang) principles.

When worn as an amulet it serves as protection and a means to bring one into alignment with the cosmos.

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