● Ace- abundance, love, joy, inspiration; (R) emotional upset, delays
● King- intuition, counselor, creative desire; (R) obstacles, immobility
● Queen- nurturing, psychic, emotional ties; (R) emotional ambivalence
● Prince (Knight)- inspiration, opportunity; (R) fraud, unworkable ideas
● Princess (Knave)- emotional realization, artistic; (R) indiscretion, unfulfillment
● 10- contentment in home and family; (R) quarrel, loss of friendship
● 9- intuition accurate, self-satisfaction; (R) imperfect impressions
● 8- reason, old discarded for new; (R) continued effort leads to joy
● 7- gains in love, resolve, success; (R) fear of failure, delusion
● 6- loving acceptance, nostalgia; (R) resisting changes, egotism
● 5- anger, imperfections, useless regrets; (R) difficulties overcome
● 4- new possibilities, love, faithfulness; (R) apathy, discontentment
● 3- good luck, intuition takes form; (R) unappreciation, indulgence
● 2- balance, unity, strong intuition; (R) misunderstanding, delusion

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