Angel Magick

Different classes of angels

There are many different classes of angels, and they can vary from the merciful Healing Angels to the daunting Angels of Judgment, and the fierce Reapers.

An angel can be a pacifist or a bloodthirsty fighter, a musician or a mystic,

either and prognosis or leaning towards either male or female energy Angel of Announcement:

Who tells God’s and Heaven’s announcements to humankind?

Angel of Death:

Who can reap life, and detach the soul of a person from the dead body so he/she can continue his or her path?

Angel of Judgment:

Who judges those accused of sin presented to him or her.

Angels of Judgment have also the ability to transmute or consume the karma from a person’s Book of Life (or Book of Karma.)

Angel of Mercy:

Who brings the Mercy of God.

The Angels of Mercy are sent to Earth to deliver to the repentant the Mercy of God.

Angel of Music:

Who plays on the celestial choirs and composes celestial music.

Angel of Punishment:

Who punishes the iniquitous, blasphemous and wrongdoers.

High-level Angels of Punishment can also punish lands and entire nations.

The Angels of Punishment are sent to Earth to deliver to the iniquitous the Wrath of God.

Cleric Angel:

An ecclesiastic angel.

Fallen Angel:

An angel who fell and lost his/her light and wings (wings in this term is a matter of merit).


Offspring of an angel and an ascended human, a man or woman of light.

A great number of half-angels incarnate on Earth for special occasions, and they all are beings of great light.

Healing Angel:

Who can heal others.

Mastinim (Accusing Angel):

Who accuses sinners by pointing out their sins from the Book of Life (or Book of Karma.)


Offspring of an angel with a mundane human.

The Nephilim are bonded to Earth and few are winged. The offspring of a Nephilim with an angel is also a Nephilim.


Who oversees and supervises a location.


Fierce angels who serve God to reap the life of the iniquitous and hunt evil.

Warrior Angel:

Who fights and engages in battle.

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