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Discovering yourself as a Witch

Discovering yourself, and defining yourself as Witch can be as long or short of a process as you make it. Learning the vital differences, however subtle, between Jinxing, Hexing, Banishing, Binding and Cursing is your first true step into the Crevices of the Craft. Healing is often wrapped up in all of the above, but overlooked as a Tool. Often those who need to harm others do it because they themselves are hurting. Perhaps before we Bind them so they cannot use their own Tools to harm us, we wrap them in a Healing. I am not a forgiver. Forgiveness has always made me uncomfortable because it is on the side of permission. However, depending on the harm inflicted, I will always turn to Healing before anything else. Healing is safer, for all parties concerned, and I have seen astonishing results when a nasty person is confronted by Self as an intervention.

Bear that in mind before making the Rune to hide in their car….

I have seen “harmless” jinxes go horribly wrong, because the Intent was mistakenly spoken in rage. A simple stumble turned into an horrific fall because the Witch did not understand the nuances.

Repeat after me “I am a Witch. I am not the master of all I survey.” Ok?

We do not need to tell all and sundry we are Witches, we should not need to, for it is obvious in the way we carry ourselves and our Energy. This is why we can see another Witch across a crowded room.

We Glow.

Banishment is more suited to merely making sure a person cannot find you, and in fact eventually forgets they were looking, or you simply no longer cross their mind. Usually set down for a specific amount of time, to allow you to get on with your own business without distraction. Be careful, there is always the possibility of unintended harm with ANY Witchcraft. Banishment should be done over the two weeks of a Waning Moon for best results.

Hexing brings about a greater degree of bad luck to someone than a Jinx. Say someone stole your idea at work and beat you to the boss, telling them that you in fact stole it from them. Suddenly their car won’t start, they miss buses, are late every day, and spill red wine on the white dress of a superior at a function. Nightmare stuff for them, and certainly a lesson on Karma if you believe that. Generally harmless but immensely satisfying. Same warnings apply. Magic is dangerous.

Binding is generally used against another Witch, or a bully, to stop them from damaging your own Crafting, or, like what happened to me once, a bully calling herself Witch used my old page as a weapon against me. Hacking it and making it look like I was attacking other Witches verbally. Eventually I got to the bottom of it, and came out the winner, but not before having to shut my page. Binding becomes a physical barrier between you and the one who is harming you. Making a poppet is the best way to Bind, but without eyes, to keep them blind, without ears so they never hear you coming, and with mouth sewn shut with wire, so they can never speak your name, and it cuts if they try. Much more intensive than a Banishing. Danger level is up accordingly.

I understand why people Curse. I know why I do. I don’t do it often, and in fact when I do, it takes days to recover. Mostly because I choose to do it by way of object, and the Curse only ends when the object is broken, or discovered and discarded far from the recipient.

I prefer the Healing first. Give them a chance if they have hurt me or someone I love. My exception is of course for those who beat animals, children, or romantic partners, rapists and murderers. Those people get the pointy end of my Witchcraft.

I’ll tell you what DOESN’T work. Long distance Curses. You need to be able to touch the person, or put an object in their car, under their house, or in a gift such as a plant.

You know why I don’t believe in long distance Cursing? One, you’re sending something Darkly Powerful out into the Ether, hoping it will connect with a person you don’t know, haven’t been close to physically, you’ve never felt their Energy. Honestly it’s like sending a remote Drone to the house of a famous person without any GPS or clear instructions on what to do even if it finds them.

Two, I’ve seen so many people attempt it, and heard way too many stories of others accidentally being harmed. Badly.

There’s no such thing as acceptable numbers of collateral damage in Witchcraft.

Healing. It’s not all about Light. Sometimes we Heal only to stop a Greater Darkness from being born.

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