Ancestor Magick

Dream of the Dead

Contacting someone who is deceased isn’t a simple task, but you can encourage them to leave you a message in a dream with this spell. The supplies are:

One white candle
Photo of the deceased
Dried lavender blossoms
Dried mugwort
Piece of moonstone

Plan this spell for a Monday night for the best results. Carve a small pentagram into the candle before you begin. Light the candle, and set the photo nearby. Think about the person you want to contact, focusing on the issue you want to know about. Sprinkle a few of the herbs on the photo and set the moonstone on the person’s face. Concentrate on making contact and making it clear in your mind that your are open for a message.

Sprinkle the remaining herbs on your pillow and go to sleep. Leave the candle burning until morning. During the night, you should dream about that person and they will answer your question. Don’t be surprised if the dream is confusing or hard to understand. That’s the nature of dreams, so you may have to spend some time thinking about it in order to “get” the message.

As I said, contacting the dead is not easy. If you do not get a message, try again on the next Monday night. If still nothing, wait until a full moon has passed before trying again.

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