Kitchen Witch

Kitchen Witch: Leek

(Alliurn spp.)

Planet: Mars

Element: Fire

Energies: Protection, physical strength


Leeks are steeped in myth and folklore. In twelfth-century Persia they were worn over the left ear to prevent intoxication. Gerarde, who lived in sixteenth-century England, thought they produced nightmares. In his time, a leek was hidden inside a black cloth and placed under the pillow of an ill person to effect a cure.

Leeks were also regarded as solemn protection against fire and lightning.

Magical uses:

Leeks are good protectants, as you might expect from a member of the onion family. Make leek soup or add leeks to a stew for this purpose.
Additionally, they can be eaten for increased physical strength. According to tradition, Welsh soldiers rubbed fresh leeks on their bodies for success and vigour in battle. They also believed that the magic juice would protect them from wounds. The leek is still a national symbol of Wales.

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