Hex Magick

Creating a Hex sign


a blank sign, canvas, piece of paper, cardboard, etc. whatever you have
a nail or something to hang it up
paint, markers, pencils, anything to color and decorate it
your favorite scented oils
an idea
I would suggest thinking about what you wish the sign to bring. Think about the colors, symbols, and arrangement. I would also suggest getting a symbols book to know what represents what. (Ex: Roses- love, Tulips- Hope, Wolves- Protection, Cats- Luck, Blue Bell Flowers- Fae)
After thinking of an idea, it’s time to create it! Paint the hex sign; you may want to play a favorite song in the background to help make the atmosphere more enjoyable. If you have children they can help as well
Let the hex sign dry, and as it does you may say a few chants to state its purpose “Hex sign, hex sign, give me (insert desire)”
When it is done drying, you will anoint it with your favorite scented oils.
Lastly, place the hex sign in the place it will do the most good. IT could be the kitchen, the entry room, living room, or even a bathroom

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