Working with the Four Classic Elements

Throughout history, many paths have used the four basic elements to draw energy in and around us to manifest our desires. Each sign we are born under are closely connected with the Energies of that sign and with that comes positive and negative influences of the Element and by balancing the Energies we are able to overcome the negative aspects of an Element and develop the positive aspects of the Elements. And this is true for all aspects of ourselves.

And by learning the symbols and aspects of the Elements we can learn which areas are out of of balance and how to draw those Energies to us or banish them.

First lets look at the aspects of the Elements ad then we’ll talk about how to connect with them.

Air governs our thoughts, communication skills, idea, psychic abilities, awareness, dreams. Air has the power to blow away strife and carry off our worries and troubles. This is also a good energy to work with to send thoughts and Energies to other people for instance to heal or help someone from a distance.

Positive aspects of the Element Air are dexterity, optimism, and joy. While negative aspects are bragging and the decision to surrender. The signs that are born under this Element are Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini. Those of us born under these signs struggle with being humble and excel in happiness.

Direction- east

Color- Yellow

Tool-Sword, Feather, Fan

Arch Angel-Raphael


Body parts-Respiratory System

Stone- Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Fluorite

Fire governs our desires, enthusiasm, and anger. It has the power to create or destroy, heal or harm, and can bring new life to the stagnant or destroy the old and worn. This Element is a good source to help us acquire something we desire. Make us enthusiastic about a situation. Or lesson our anger. This is also a good Element to create new opportunities and start new projects.

Positive aspects of this Energy include bravery, courage and confidence while negative aspects include anger, jealousy, and vengeance. People born under this sign are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, and while struggling to control their anger are generally enthusiastic about new undertakings.

Direction- South

Color- Red

Tool-Staff, Smoke, flame

Arch Angel-Michael


Body parts-Blood, Heart

Stone-Tiger’s Eye, Ruby, Pink Sapphire

Water controls our emotions, feelings and passions. It clear out old emotions, cleanse or calm. Multiple religions have some form of holy water that can be used to cleanse or purify people or items. Holy water can be made by dissolving salt in water and blessing it. This is a useful Energy to help you get over a break up and the emotions attached to an old relationship.

Positive influences of this Element are compassion, tenderness, and relaxation. And negative aspects are instability and lack of commitment. Water governs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces and people born under these signs are usually passionate about their beliefs but may have issues maintaining stability.

Direction- West

Color- Blue

Tool-Chalice, Water

Arch Angel-Gabriel

Entities- Undines

Body parts-Urinary tract

Stone-Pearl, Blue Sapphire, Lepidolite, Aquamarine

Earth governs material items, family, finances, home, practicality and stability. The element Earth is full of endurance and represents the process of birth, growth, death, and finally rebirth. This is the Energy we connect with to bless our homes and increase our finances while strengthening our families.

Positive influences are responsibility and patience. Negative aspects are laziness, stagnation, immaturity and stubbornness. Signs governed by this Element are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. People born under these signs tend to be materialistic but can be responsible in their decisions to acquire those material items or they can be lazy and stubborn but still exhibit patience.


Color- green

Tool- pentacle, soil, stones, salt

Arch Angel-Auriel


Body parts- Mind, Nervous System

Stone- Hematite, Emerald, Fool’s gold

Now that we have looked at the aspects and influences of the Elements as well as some symbols, lets talk about how to connect with them. Through the use of tools we can draw the energies or banish them to keep us balanced.

Let me start off by saying that the lists above are suggestions and whatever symbol you recognize as connected to an Element is always right for you.

There are several ways to connect with specific Elements but remember that the more you put into something the more you get out of it. It can be as simple as lighting a candle in the color that represents that Element or you can call upon the Arch Angel that governs that Energy. You can add a tool, a stone, or ask that the entities come to you. But remember that when building an altar to represent all four Elements, keep the number of symbols balanced. For instance it is better to have one of each Elemental symbol that to have three of one, two of another, and only one symbol for the other two.

Now I am going to a very useful exercise that will help you invoke more of an energy or banish some of it to help maintain a balance.

Face the direction that represents the Element you are wanting to work with and draw a the pentacle that represents that Element in the air in front of you. As you do see the lines being drawn in the color of the Element. Now call to the Arch Angel and ask them to allow their entities to come to you and increase or decrease the Energies of that Element and feel the Energies balancing in you. Thank the Arch Angel for allowing their entities to aid you and imagine the pentacle fade away.

Here is an example. If you were having problems relaxing you can face the West, draw a blue pentacle starting from your left shoulder to your right and ask that Gabriel allow the Undines to come to you and help you relax. Feel the dampness of the Element Water coming to you and allow it to help you relax. After a few minutes you would then thank Gabriel for allowing the Undines to help you and see the pentacle disappear.

On the reverse side of this if you were getting angry for no reason all the time you could face the South, Draw a red pentacle starting at your right hip going up to your forehead, ask Michael to allow the Salamanders to help you control your anger and feel the heat leaving your body. After a few minutes you would then thank Michael for allowing the Salamanders to help you and see the red pentacle fade away.

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