Health Magick


Defined as
an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat.
“he is prey to irrational fears”
There may be many things that motivate us to do things to learn new things. Love, anger and yes even hate.

Nothing absolutely nothing motivates like fear. After all, if you dont believe me look how the organized religion of man has driven it like a wedge between those who wish to be all they can in the world of witchcraft and sorcery and the spirits of those that provide it’s blessing.

The fear of things changes us deeply. The fear of loss, everyone here shares this fear. We share many fears but this one will claw at the flesh of our minds. The loss of those we love, our homes our lives.
The fear of the unknown is the next it is deep deeper than most of us are prepared to deal with and that has powered many to make new “safer” magicks. As it were excluding the elemental creatures and spirits of those who had walked our paths before us. The elves that live below the hill and the long-forgotten creatures and spirits that peer at us from the deepest and darkest holes in the wood. The ones that taught our ancestors how to make fire. The ones that taught us that dreams were more than just our minds playing games at night. The ones that showed our ancient ancestors that symbols were the language of the spirit world. The ones that showed us the dead weren’t really dead and they still had and served a purpose. This fear can be balanced and brought under control.
By peering into the darkness from time to time and allowing it to take you back, back to the beginning you can find balance.
Balance that brings power with it control with it and with that understanding which brings the greatest power of all. 

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