Slavery in Magick

I do not come to bring absolute truths and no discourse that opposes the personal path of each one.

But we need to talk about slavery in magic, the worst thing is that slaves are slaves to themselves.

Not neglecting any modern magic systems and strands.

But neophytes, interested in the occult, beginners owing to the great mass of “selling ideas” have taken on essential values ​​and principles.

What is said a lot by opening up possibilities has enslaved the magical personal development of many people.

Do not take sides by names and labels, do not be disconnected from the material, and despise your potential power to see the magic on a daily basis.

With training, studies of course.

But what has been seen is people seeking magickal outside help and neglecting themselves.

Not training their minds and adhering to the day-to-day, even if with less effort, personal change.

Which is the basic part of the magician’s life.

Strength and confidence in oneself are given by efforts but they bring ease to all processes because then we feel more secure.

Expecting everything from something that moves and does for you can become a cycle and comfort zone.

Can it lead to disconnection from themselves because if through the personal lens the light and power and “gains” come only from outside where our true importance and recognition of our efforts come in?

Let us be sensible.

Not conniving with illusory ideas and people who call themselves masters, etc.

Try to be a master of yourself and get used to admiring what you add. Do it for yourself, move your energies and we begin to be more aware of the importance of personal work

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