Luciferian Magick

Fallen Angels of Ancient Lore

The Watchers, or Fallen Angels of Ancient Lore are the guardians of the path of the wise. Such Angels dwell within the shadow gardens of twilight, of dreams and the nightside of being. We must listen closely, for their wisdom is that of the gifts of Lucifer and Lilith, that through the Adversary can such beautiful music be heard!

The Watchers, as brought forth by Shemyaza/Azazel, is the divine gift brought down from the sky unto man, whom was a primal sleeper which carried the bestial desires of the planet. The Fallen Angels thus brought divinity with the Abyssic daemon of self, that we were divine in our Dual Essence.

It is through the self-alchemical work of Saturn, that one emerges awakened in unity. Saturn is the Guardian of Death, or Daath or the Guardian of the Threshold[8]. In Saturn there is a Lower and Higher Octave, which is a passageway of self-exploration and self-perception. In the lower octave is Satan or Satanus/Saturnus, the Guardian of the depths and the Daemonum of the Earth.

Saturnus is the breaker of cosmic order, the essence of ALGOL or the Adversary, as well as death and regeneration. The Demiurge Saturnus is related to the number 666, being that of Sorath, or the Sun. Satanas is this aspect is one form of the Adversary, being rebellion, death and Chaos from Stasis. The very fire force of the Sun is in the Eye of Satanas/Saturnus, Misrule and self-liberation through Antinomianian awakening of Saturn.

The Higher octave of Saturn is Lucifer, being Light, Wisdom and illumination. Lucifer/Iblis is the Imagination thus Azazel, the fallen Djinn of fire. Lucifer represents also rebirth, inner strength, reason and solitude.

In the unity of Saturn are both the Star of Algol hidden (without the Averse Pentagram) and the mark of Demiurge Saturnus. It is through Satan/Iblis (fire) that one emerges in Light, thus Lucifer is the Black Flame in the darkness, the light in the darkness. It was in medieval times that Saturn itself was the outermost planet, holding the secrets of self – transformation, death and the darkness of the soul. W. Ford

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