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Herbal Health Poppet

This a poppet spell for healing designed to improve your own personal health, though you could use it to direct healing energy to other people if you wanted (you’ll need their hair though).

White fabric or felt
Sewing stuff (needle, thread, scissors)
A piece of hematite or jade (or both)
Some of the following herbs:
angelica root
St. John’s Wort
Strands of your own hair
Blue marker or pen
Make a poppet or small doll out of the white material, sew it up leaving a whole for stuffing. Wrap the strands of hair around the stone, and stuff it into the head of the doll. If the hair is short, don’t worry about it, just put the hairs and crystals in the head part together. Stuff the rest of the doll with the herbs, and sew it shut.

In the middle of the chest, draw a circle, then a heart within the circle. Now you have a health charm to leave on your altar or in a quiet spot, until you’ve gotten over your illness.

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