Psychic Magick

Symptoms of a Psychic Attack

Below are a few of the many examples of what can be experienced by a psychic attack

Having nightmares: Having frightening and unpleasant dreams

Seeing the attacker front and center: Seeing the attacker in a devilish way, either in dreams, meditations, or thoughts

Experiencing fatigue: Feeling tired and depleted of energy constantly, for no reason

Feeling pain: Having aches in the same place and time on a regular basis

Feeling weakness: Experiencing illness or pains in areas of weakness that the attacker is aware of

Being lethargic: Experiencing a lack of concentration and laziness regarding daily tasks

Having severe headaches: Having unusually painful headaches accompanied by vomiting or dizziness

Feeling doubtful: Questioning or doubting direction in life, even after having been aware of direction beforehand

Sensing being watched: Having the feeling of being watched and seeing shadows from the corner of the eye, even when alone

Feeling suicidal: Having feelings similar to a heart attack or the desire to commit suicide

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