Herbal Ointments

An old form of herb magic as well as medicine, an ointment is simply any
fatty substance to which powdered herbs and/or oils have been added. A good
example of this is found in the text under MALLOW. In the past, lard was
generally used as the base, but today vegetable shortening is usually substituted.
It certainly smells better.
To a cup of shortening or lard, add three tablespoons of the enchanted,
powdered herb(s). Pound or mash them together while visualizing until wellmixed,
then place in an airtight container to store.
An alternative method is to melt the base over low heat. Add the herbs and
steep for about nine minutes or until the herb is “fried.” Strain and allow the
ointment to cool before use.
A third method is even easier; melt the lard or shortening, add drops of the
appropriate oils, and cool.
Using the ointment is easy: simply apply to the body at the pulse points
(wrists, neck, etc.). Such ointments are best stored in airtight containers in a
cool place.