Honouring The Graveyard

One of the easiest ways to feel the thinning of the veil and honor the dead is to visit a local graveyard. (Only visit a cemetery during posted visiting hours!) Walking the grounds and collecting trash and litter that you might find among the headstones is a great way to show respect and care for the resting place of those who have passed on. You could also leave fresh flowers as offerings on forgotten or neglected graves. These are great ways to gain some powerful spiritual allies.

In the early 1900s, many people used to have picnics at local cemeteries (something that’s still seen among those who celebrate the Mexican Day of the Dead), and this is a practice worth reviving. Find a nice grassy spot at the cemetery and prepare a plate for the dead as an offering. You can also close your eyes and extend your senses outward to find out if any of the dead have partaken of your offering or have something to share with you. 

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