Fairy Magick

How to Make Fairy Dust

Items needed:

A blender or coffee grinder, silver glitter, dark blue jar, three silver coins, silver paint or a silver marker, and the following dried herbs ground
into a fine powder:

1 tbsp. woodruff
1 tbsp. clover
1 tbsp. rose petals
1 tbsp. jasmine
1 Tbsp. meadowsweet

Place the powder into the dark blue jar. On the outside of the jar, inscribe the following symbol with the silver paint or marker:

On May eve as the sun begins to set, place your jar of Fairy dust in the center of a Fairy circle. Kneel next to the circle, uncap the jar, and chant the following nine times:

Nature spirits and fairy friends
Bless this dust to serve my ends.
I place my trust and faith in thee
To bring me love, wealth, and prosperity.

Rise and leave the area for one hour, giving the fairies time to bless your powder. When you return, thank the fairies for their help, retrieve the jar, and leave the three silver coins in its place.

Sprinkle the powder over a sleeping loved one to increase passion, sprinkle on the threshold of a business to attract new customers, or sprinkle around the perimeter of your home to invite happiness and goodwill.

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