Kitchen Witch

Kitchen Witch: Brussels Sprouts

Planet: Moon

Element: Water

Energies: Protection


Legend has it that Brussel sprouts were created from wild forms of cabbage growing in Babylon. Nebuchadnezzar relied on cabbage to prevent or to cure the hangovers that usually resulted from his fabulous, excessive feasts. He was naturally disturbed that no fresh cabbage was available during the winter.

According to this myth, he ordered his head gardener, Brussel, to devise a method of growing cabbage year-round. By hybridizing, Brussel eventually succeeded in creating today’s Brussel sprouts, which, indeed, are small cabbages and belong to the cabbage family.

Magical uses:

Eat Brussels sprouts as a part of protective diets. Adding a bit of salt to them is fine since salt is also a protective substance, but too much of
anything (especially salt) results in ill health. Ill health leads to a lack of our body’s normal psychic protections. As an alternative to salt, try basil, dill weed, and mustard, all of which are protective flavorings

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