Kitchen Witch

Kitchen Witch: Vegetarianism 1.1

Many witches are strict vegetarians. They shun meat, poultry, and fish; some even avoid eggs and milk products. They often believe that spiritual advancement and magical ability can only be obtained with such a diet.

There are many kinds of vegetarians. Those who follow a macrobiotic diet eat little more than grains. The more common type commonly called “vegans,” add fruits, vegetables, and nuts to their diet. Some more broad-based vegetarians also consume milk (usually goat’s milk), cheese, and even eggs. A few “vegetarians” will also occasionally eat fish and seafood, or even poultry, but never red meat.

Most vegetarians rigidly adhere to their diets in the face of overwhelming odds. Their degree of adherence is usually determined by their reasons for adopting a vegetarian diet. Many of them see living creatures as our sisters and brothers—of different forms, but from the same source. They make a commitment not to ingest them.

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