Luciferian Magick


That the Luciferian Tradition is awakening from European Traditional Craft is nothing new, the emergence of the work in America leads to a Left Hand Path approach to the path of the wise. Considering much of the Witchcraft tradition is a conglomeration of various magical traditions, the term Witchcraft is as universal as its language.

In the past, Witchcraft and Wicca was originally intended to be a shadow unto light way of living, from which the essence of the self is propagated in ones own Will, Desire and Belief. As time moved forward, a watered down version of the craft from which was passed down from Hermetic Occultism and other Pagan practices, brought much of the public essence of Witchcraft to be a watered-down, sometimes spiritually impotent off shoot of Christianity, which seemed to plague much of all Western culture.

In our primal selves, the forgotten areas deep within the mind, from which Christianity could not pervert, Leviathan guarded the gateway, and soon Lilith and Samael again emerged from the Light of Azazel, called Lucifer, the Bringer of Light. That the challenge of the initiate to the Adept is the very self, that the Dark Wells of the Watchers were guarded by our own demons and angels, and that we must unite the worlds to create the ecstasy of the self.

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