Magick and Science

Many contemporary writers on Witchcraft have pointed out the relevance of new discoveries in the physical sciences that seem to identify what Witches have always known to exist: a symbiotic relationship between mind and matter.

This relationship can be viewed from many angles and is probably not entirely understood by anyone, but its existence is clear to practitioners of magic as well as other mind/thought-based disciplines that bring about positive change in one’s life.

The traditional worldview of most of Western society for the past few millennia has held that reality is chaotic and inflexible, created by forces outside of human control.

It has also held that the mind is not a physical entity, and is separate from what we think of as “matter

”(The phrase “mind over matter” illustrates the fundamental opposition perceived to exist between the two.)

What Witches understand, and what science has begun to uncover, is that reality is flexible, and is co-created by and with everything in it, including the mind.

The mind is not separate from matter but is matter in its most basic form.

The power of thought has been illuminated in many books and videos about the “Law of Attraction,” a “New Age” topic that has recently found popularity among mainstream audiences, celebrities, and even business professionals.

The Law states that thoughts attract experiences that reinforce them, so that dwelling on negative circumstances can keep them in place while focusing on positive experiences creates improved circumstances.

Changing one’s thoughts is harder than it might seem, of course, which is possibly why so much information and advice regarding the Law of Attraction is currently available.

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