Moon Magick


There’s more to the Moon than meets the eye, especially when it comes to
magical operations. There are only twelve months in the calendar year. However,
the Moon cycles thirteen times during that period, which means that at least two
Moon phases of the same type will appear in the same month several times each
year. When the repeated phase happens to be the Dark or New Moon, we call the
second occurrence the Black Moon.
Since the repetition of anything only serves to increase its power, the Black
Moon is very potent. It’s said to unearth mysteries with ease, pare matters down
to the bare bones, and shed light on even the most deeply hidden truths.
Therefore, the Black Moon provides an excellent time for soul searching
and inner journey work, divination, and the eradication of any self-deception.
This phase also provides a good time for drawing up plans for the future. Should
you decide to work toward a new beginning at this time, though, know that all
plans made will reflect the absolute truth, so it’s not a good idea to brush aside
your inner voice. Listen when it speaks, for while under the power of the Black
Moon, it cannot lie.
While the Black Moon is definitely important when it comes to magic,
there is another phase that many practitioners revere even more. They believe it’s
the most powerful of all Full Moon phases, and because it only transpires every
couple of years, they await its arrival with much anticipation and excitement. On
the other hand, other practitioners believe that it’s no more powerful than any
other Full Moon, but enjoy the prospect of the additional energy and opportunity
it provides for magical workings. This phase is known as the Blue Moon,’ and is
the third Full Moon to rise when four Full Moons appear within the same season.
As a magical practitioner, how you perceive this energy and where you
apply it is up to you. Remember that belief and personal perception are key
elements to magical success. So whether you work toward miracles or simply
treat this energy as that of another Full Moon, I’d suggest that you give it all
you’ve got. Why? Because it’s been my personal experience that no magicregardless of its magnitude or its triviality-has ever met with anything other than
rapid success during the Blue Moon.
Perhaps the only occasional Moon phase that never meets with a debate as
to its power is that of the Lunar Eclipse. To the nonpractitioner this may seem a
bit odd, because these eclipses happen much more frequently in the solar
calendar than the Blue Moon. In fact, they occur at least once annually, and often
two to three times within the same year.
No matter how often it occurs, though, the Lunar Eclipse is a magical event
more special than any other. For one thing, it provides a time when the energies
of the Moon and Sun connect, and this marriage of sorts brings a balance, an
equalization of the male and female polarities if you will, that puts everything
back in perspective. Because it brings the light-dark-light concept into full view,
it’s also a reminder of the birth-deathrebirth cycles, and that’s something to
which nearly all magical practitioners subscribe.
That’s not all. The Lunar Eclipse also brings an indescribable sort of energy
to everything in its path; something so strong that it goes beyond the point of all
human feeling or description. It’s an energy that not only embraces us, but fills
our very cores to overflowing-even if only for a few moments. Because of its
allencompassing power, Lunar Eclipse energy can be a bit overwhelming; so
much so, in fact, that some practitioners refuse to use its power at all in their
efforts. They say that its energy is simply too hard to control.
While I understand where they’re coming from, this simply isn’t true for me.
And it isn’t true for most of the practitioners I queried. While Lunar Eclipse
energy is definitely potent, it is not at all scattered. It’s a balanced, cohesive,
emulsification of two opposite energies. It’s a little like raw milk. Before it’s
processed, the cream becomes irrevocably separated from the milk, and try as
you may, there’s nothing you can do to make it stick to the heavier liquid. But
homogenize it and see what happens: Both substances blend together in flawless
unison, providing a much stronger and more nutritious drink. Such is the way of
the Lunar Eclipse. It homogenizes the energies and allows us to work with both
as a single unit.
That having been said, all that’s left is the decision of whether or not to use
this very special energy. I urge you to try it just once. Why? Because the energy
related to this occurrence is so powerful it can bring about events that other
Moon phases seldom manage. Simply put, Lunar Eclipse energy brings the
impossible to fruition; it can single-handedly manifest real miracles.
Keeping that in mind, I suggest saving especially difficult projects for the
Lunar Eclipse. Good ideas might include long-term goals like business ventures,
financial planning, or successful career changes, as well as efforts that require
balance, harmony, or a meeting of the minds. It’s also very potent when it comes
to developing personal shields-whether they be psychic in nature, or related to a
physical protection against poor health, theft, harm, or danger. Want an entirely
new life? This is the time to change your personal reality. Don’t discount efforts
that involve relationships, partnerships, or matters of the heart, either. However,
know that the magical effects will be extremely longlasting.

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