Angel Magick

Planets and Angels

Different days of the week and hours of the day and night are associated with specific energies and each particular time is ruled by a planet and an archangel.

Though these were primarily centred on ceremonial magick, they can also be used to give focus and potency to informal spells.

The planetary and angelic hours can also be applied to the everyday sphere.

For example by choosing the appropriate day and even hour for beginning a money-making scheme or a first meeting with a potential business partner or lover.

You can further amplify the salient qualities and strengths of these times by using oils, incenses, colored candles, and crystals linked with the specific planets and angels.

There are also strong connections between the planet and the angel of the day, though angelic magick tends to be used, not surprisingly, for rituals with a more spiritual and ecological or global focus.

As you discover particular combinations that work well, you can add them to your Book of Shadows.

Planetary Magical Days Of The Week

The planets have had a special place in both ritual magick and astrology.

Since the Ancient Babylonians and Chaldeans first observed them wandering across the sky

The word ‘planet’ derives from the Greek planets, meaning ‘wanderer’ against the fixed constellations of the zodiac.

The ancients knew of only five planets – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Uranus.

Neptune and Pluto were discovered only after the invention of the telescope and so have not assumed the importance in magick that they have in astrology.

What is more, the first astronomers also counted the Sun and the Moon as planets and credited them with certain qualities that have become woven into the Western astrological and magical traditions.

Astrologers believe that the positions of the planets in the zodiac at the time of an individual’s birth can influence and indicate that person’s fate.

In magick, the planetary strengths can be applied to any purpose under the As above, so below’ principle that stresses the interconnectedness of the whole universe.

You can create your own spells by using the associations, much as you create recipes by knowing the qualities and blending power of individual ingredients.

And just as in cookery, those spells or recipes where you break away from the set formula are often the most successful.

For example, if you wanted to do well in an interview for a job, you might burn a wish in a candle of the colour blue – for careers – on Thursday.

Thursday is the day of Jupiter, who is associated with employment and worldly success and all matters of increase.

For extra potency, the candle could be surrounded with small blue sodalite or lapis lazuli, Jupiter’s special crystals.

You could also burn cedar, one of Jupiter’s incense, or sandalwood oil.

If you need more general career success, you could make or buy an amulet of tin, the metal of Jupiter.

Perhaps this could be a coin from a museum shop that you charged with power every Thursday by sprinkling it with salt, passing it through cedar incense, a blue candle flame, and the fragrance of burning sandalwood oil.

If your projected job was to do with communication, technology or the media which are ruled by Mercury, you could carry out the spell on two consecutive days, beginning with the communicative power of Mercury on his hour, the third after sunset on a Wednesday.

You could light yellow candles and use a Mercurian crystal, such as yellow jasper or a yellow-banded agate, and burn dill incense and fennel essential oil.

On the second day of the spell, the Thursday, carry out the spell again at the third hour after sunset, which on this day is Jupiter’s evening hour, to add his authority and opportunities for expansion.

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