Magick Recipies

Purifying Lemon Bay Salt

Combing the purifying powers of salt, uplifting cleansing lemon and protective purifying bay leaves in this simple way to cleanse and remove unwanted energy. great for dorm rooms or areas where cleansing with smoke isn’t allowed.

Materials Needed:

Very small bowl or cup
Sea Salt
3 Bay Leaves
Lemon Juice
Gather and collect materials.
Fill your chosen container with salt, then add a few drops of lemon juice (i like to personally add 9). Once this done mix together in a clockwise motion.
Add the 3 bay leaves. stick them into the salt and leave half of them showing. (so that are sticking up like little spikes)
Place in an area where it wont be disturbed, change as needed.
(Optional) sometimes when i am trying to obtain i certain affect i add other herbs to the salt and lemon mixture. such as lavender, mint, rose or rosemary

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