Crystals & Stones

Witches Crystals, Stones, Herbs, and Oils

Perhaps some of the most powerful magical tools are those that come straight from the Earth without much, if any, alteration by human hands.

Herbs and semiprecious gemstones have long been known to have healing properties, and are used today in many medicinal systems around the globe.

They are also used in Witchcraft, as decorations, offerings, magical enhancements, and even as the focus of some rituals and spells.

Crystals and other stones have their own energies and are considered to be “alive,” rather than simply dormant matter.

Sensitive people can often feel their energies when holding these stones in their hands or on some other part of their bodies.

Some stones are used for specific purposes in ritual, while others may be more permanent presences on the altar or in other places in aWitch’s home.

They may range in size from a square half-inch to much larger, and may be polished and/or carved into specific shapes, or left in their raw form.

Crystals can be found in many New Age stores as well as online, though they can sometimes still be found in their raw form in certain natural areas.

Crystals may be used to help guard against illness or negative energy or may aid in divination or other psychic work.

They may also be used to lay out the magic circle at the start of the ritual.

These stones have astrological associations as well as associations with specific gods and goddesses.

Herbs are also associated with specific deities and astrological bodies and are used in a variety of ways, including magical kitchen edibles, brews and potions, and spell ingredients.

Some of the most common kitchen herbs, such as basil, rosemary, and thyme also have magical associations, which doubles their potential for effective magic, as they can be used to make “enchanted” foods.

However, other herbs used in magic are not appropriate to consume, and care should always be taken to know the difference.

It is considered ideal for Witches to harvest their own herbs with their ritual knives, whether from a nearby woods or their own kitchen herb“gardens.”

However, fresh herbs can be found in grocery stores, and many natural food stores also sell a variety of dried herbs in their bulk departments.

Essential oils from plants, seeds, and nuts are used to enhance the ritual atmosphere and also as ingredients in spellwork.

Oils have metaphysical properties and may be rubbed into spell candles for a specific magical purpose, or used in a skin-safe blend to anoint the body before the ritual.

Witches often make their own blends of essential oils to strengthen ritual and spellwork.

Also used in aromatherapy for healing a number of physical and emotional ailments, essential oils are widely available at natural food stores.

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